Kuyma HEPP

Project Detail

Kuyma HEPP is located at Vezirköprü district, Samsun city in Mid-Blacksea Region. It is located between 1050.00 m and 732.00 m elevations of Kuyma (istavloz) creek. Kuyma weir will be designed at 1045.80 m talveg elevation of Kuyma Creek. Kuyma creek conveyance system is a pressurized pipeline. GRP type pipeline plan length is 1268.66 m and diameters are 1.6 m and 1.4 m respectively. Kuyma creek water is derivated to the junction of the penstock where come from Elmalı Weir.

Elmalı weir will be designed at 1045.50 m talveg elevation of Elmalı Creek. Elmalı creek water will be transferred by GRP pipeline with 924.72 m length and 1.4 m diameter, to the penstock where come from Kuyma line. From this junction, water will be transferred by the GRP pipes with the diameters ranging from 1.80 m to 1.60 m and the steel penstock pipes with the diameter of 1.10 m in the Kuyma power house at the tail level of 732.00 m.

  • Investor
  • Enso Energy
  • Location
  • Vezirköprü/Samsun
  • Installed Power
  • 9.73 MW
  • Design Discharge
  • 4 m³/s
  • Net Head
  • 290.00 m
  • Contract Year
  • 2017
  • Services
  • FD
  • DeD
  • Progress
  • Processing